Unify Digital Channels

Integrate your new WordPress website with the apps and social networks you’re already using. Unify your digital channels in one place to increase online visibility.

Social Media




Home Services Industries

Problem: your leads want to book appointments for free estimates directly on your website, without having to get a callback from scheduling, or even worse, the answering service.

Solution: use Crocoblock JetEngine with JetAppointments to allow web leads to book sales estimates directly on your website.

Remote Counseling Industries

Problem: your potential clients want to learn a lot more about you before booking an assessment. Channels like Psychology Today and Headway don’t permit for the kind of in depth discovery today’s telehealth clients sometimes require.

Solution: connect your various platforms together in one place and use WordPress as your online directory and resource for potential new clients to learn more about you, read your blog, submit inquiries, and more.

Beauty, Health, and Wellness Industries

Problem: your favorite appointment booking software works great, but it does nothing for your SEO. Your website is in one place, your appointment booking platform is in another, and because of this your marketing is limited.

Solution: better integration with SetMore or Vagaro, or replace both, using one platform for everything.